Fortifeye Super Omega 3 MAX

Fortifeye Super Omega 3 MAX


Descriptions :


Highly purified and Concer Mackerel), Capsule Shell (gelatin, glycerin, and purified water), Lemon Oil and natural mixed tocopherols are part of an antioxidant blend that also contains rosemary extract

Fortifeye Super Omega 3 MAX has been developed after years and years of research . This is one of the most potent and purest Re-esterfied Triglyceride Form (rTg) omega 3 fish oils available in the world today. This omega 3 supplement is purified and concentrated in a state of the art facility in Norway . This new technology allows for more EPA and DHA in the same size capsule as the original Fortifeye Super Omega. This new omega 3 max will allow for much better compliance since the high dosage of omega three can be delivered with less capsules . Fortifeye Super Omega MAX will be 50% more potent than Fortifeye Super Omega and retails for only $35 . This new omega is more concentrated and less expensive that most competitors . A lot of new science is proving the need for higher levels of omega 3 both EPA and DHA May be beneficial For our health. Fortifeye super omega 3 Max has 1200 mg of EPA and 900 mg of DHA per dosage!! Start to gain some of the many potential health benefits from the correct form of omega 3 . Order Fortifeye Super Omega Max today. This new formulation of omega 3 is also currently being used by many athletes to aid in post recovery .

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