Tranquileyes XL

Tranquileyes XL


Descriptions :

Our new tranquileyes xl® with Beads provides at least 120 controlled moist-heat treatments, scientifically proven to provide relief from severe dry eye, MGD and blepharitis.*

Our patented tranquileyes xl® delivers the most natural and effective moist-heat home treatment for severe Dry Eye on the market. The system combines the goggle, reusable gel packs and water to create 20-25 minutes of optimum temperature and humidity.

Resting over the orbital bones, the XL moist heat therapy promotes circulation and speeds heat transfer, delivering controlled temperature between 102-108°F degrees.

Thermoeyes™ Beads XL are made of non-toxic glycerin and water. The Beads are preassembled in a fabric pocket which provides the moisture required to increase humidity while improving comfort. Once heated in the microwave, the pocketed Beads are placed into the back of the goggle, where they provide 20 to 25 minutes of controlled moist heat ranging between 102-108°F. Each set of Beads can be reused approximately 60 times for moist heat. They can also be used for cold therapies to reduce inflammation, eyelid puffiness, itchiness, and migraine headaches.

The beautifully sculpted eyecups are made from FDA-approved medical grade thermal plastic, and viscoelastic memory foam designed to seal and conform naturally. Resting over the orbital bones, the design allows for optimal blood flow to vital arteries above the nose without placing unnecessary pressure on the sensitive blood vessels under the eye. The comfort wrap is wide in the back and narrows toward the temples for maximum comfort. The wrap is easily adjusted with two specially designed sliders, to ensure a custom fit and complete seal of the goggle to the eye area.

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