Omega, What?!

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If you’ve ever so much as stepped a toe in our office, you know that we are massive fans of fish oil.  This is because the western diet is wayyyyy out of balance on our omega 6:omega 3 ratio.  This imbalance leads to inflammation.  The tricky part of fish oil is that it has to be manufactured in the proper form to be effective. 

Our office recommends the triglyceride form of fish oil, not ethyl ester.  The ethyl ester version has an alcohol backbone that can thin your blood and can also cause fishy burps. 

Yum… On the other hand, the triglyceride form absorbs as if you ate fish, so much more natural.  In addition to how the omegas are purified, you also want to watch out for additives.  Soy, preservatives, high dose vitamin E, the list goes on and on with what shady companies add.  You also want to make sure the fish chosen are small and fast swimmers.  This helps reduce mercury and other oceanic toxins found often in larger, slower fish.  Some “approved” fish: sardines, anchovy, and mackerel.  You can of course always increase these fish in your diet!  We carry multiple different products that we researched heavily and stand behind the quality, but we definitely have a bestseller

Because omega 3 supplements are something we recommend basically forever, we do a discount on multiple bottle purchases (unless you want to stop in and see us once a month to say hi!).  

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